An artistic intervention at MIX Berlin

1 – 8 May 2020
Visible from sunset
until sunrise


CCCCCOMA, Daniel Falb

The COVID-19 pandemic currently forces us to practice social distancing. Being close now means that we put ourselves and others in danger. To stay together, we must thus remain apart. For how long? At this point, we don’t know. How does this isolation affect us? How can we rethink proximity and intimacy while not being able to touch each other? What does closeness even mean? And, if this crisis comes to an end, what will it mean to us then?

As communication and community lie at the heart of CCCCCOMA, the impossibility of being close to one another also affects us deeply. CCCCCLOSENESS is our gesture towards those who stay at home to protect others, towards those who care. It is a gesture through which we are trying to connect to you from the distance.

Shining from the windows of the 22nd floor of Berlin’s MIX at night, the word CCCCCLOSENESS creates proximity in many ways. Its letters make a link to our collective, it is a placeholder for an exhibition that could not take place, an attempt to connect while being apart, a wish for a communicative future.

Accompanied by a newly composed text by philosopher and poet Daniel Falb, CCCCCLOSENESS is also an artistic intervention. You can either get an exclusive copy of the text in the entrance hall of MIX Berlin (Hallesches Ufer 40–60, 10963 Berlin, 8 – 20 Uhr) or send us your postal address (in Berlin only) to and we will personally deliver the text to your physical mailbox. Stay safe and keep communicating!