Collab @ Backsteinboot

Seh’ die Welt in Trümmern liegen

Ukraine Solidarity

1 – 3 July 2022
Opening: 1 July, 7 pm
Performance: 8 pm
DJ from 10 pm

Open on Saturday
and Sunday from
12 to 22h

Eiswerderstr. 18
Gebäude 129
13585 Berlin


Yuriy Biley, Flaviu Cacoveanu, Lia Dostlieva, Andrii Dostliev, Iaroslav Kusch, Francis Kussatz, Xiaoer Liu, Katarzyna Nawrocka, Andrzej Pater, Marek Rogulski, Vitalii Shupliak, Zhenia Stepanenko, Marta Vovk, Mina Zlatoper, Ivan Zozulya, Mischa Zozulya, Dmytro Zubyskyi, Et al.

The show entitled “Seh die Welt in Trümmern liegen” (“I see the world in ruins”) refers to the German new wave pop song “99 Luftballons” by the band Nena in 1983. The song was created against the background of the Cold War in Germany where nuclear warfare was a realistic threat. Since Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, we are once more confronted with geo-political upheaval of using weapons of mass destruction in the name of defense and national / international economic interests.

The concept of nuclear power carries a possessive and perverted mindset, where on the one hand it threatens to annihilate our very own existence and on the other prevents further human atrocities by the mere fact of mutual annihilation itself. This multimedia exhibition invites national and international artists to explore this fragile state of existence and the explosive force that stands behind it. The show aims to manifest solidarity with Ukraine.


Backsteinboot is located on the island Eiswerder in the middle of Lake Spandau. Several sprawling, red brick buildings are reminiscent of Eiswerder’s past: remnants of the armaments industry that settled here in the 19th century. The first was the Royal Fireworks Laboratory, followed by powder, cartridge, ammunition and artillery factories.

Eiswerder’s weapon related past serves as a starting point for our project, drawing attention to the war in Ukraine, where discussions about the use of heavy weapons are currently taking on new explosiveness.

Some works will be available for sale directly from the artists and donations are welcome. All money raised at the exhibition will be donated to help cultural workers in Ukraine through the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund. Payment can also be made directly using the transfer details provided on the official site: