I came in here
for a special offer

11 – 17 August 2022

Opening during
Project Space Festival:
11 August, 7.30 pm
Performance by
Francis Kussatz, 8 pm

Opening Location:
Kantstraße 123,
10625 Charlottenburg


Heiner Franzen, Kerstin Honeit, Artor Jesus Inkerö, Francis Kussatz, Bjørn Melhus, Vitalii Shupliak

For “CCCCCOMA COMMERCIALS. I came in here for a special offer” we have invited six artists to deal with the topics of individual visibility in public space and the impact of advertising and media on our daily interaction. For this purpose, video works will run on advertising displays at five different Spätis in the city. In the short-format clips corresponding to the advertising format, questions about consumer behavior, social utopias and economic interests in urban space, the attempt to include and exclude people or the negotiation of the visibility of (queer) bodies in public space are dealt with, among other things.

Each video is 2 minutes long and can be watched at a specific location, according to the list below. The works will occur inbetween regular commercials, about six times per hour.

Heiner Franzen: Spätkauf, Kantstraße 123, Charlottenburg
Kerstin Honeit: The City Kiosk, Hauptstraße 160, Schöneberg
Bjørn Melhus: The Market, Torstraße 139, Mitte
Vitalii Shupliak: 9 to 6 Drinkshop, Köpenicker Straße 1, Kreuzberg
Francis Kussatz, Artor Jesus Inkerö: Spätkauf 178, Hermannstraße 178, Neukölln