Concierge Edition

echoes remain forever

T-shirt with
photo print
and logo

Edition of 15
60 Euros (+ shipping)


Francis Kussatz, Xiaofu Wang


Francis Kussatz often uses their face in their works, so we decided to make it wearable for our edition, photographed by Xiaofu Wang. It shows the fictional persona the Sick Person, a character with whom Francis Kussatz and Xiaofu Wang question definitions of functionality and productivity and invite you to deconstruct them in your own thinking. The figure is a creation alongside other personas that have so far mainly appeared in videos and photos on social media.

The personas touch on a primary duality seen in millennials in our oversaturated media landscape— the splitting between a highly ambitious, hyper productive, individual-as-brand self, and another self who is barely clinging onto basic sanity and functionality. A fragile character who can be found wondering through the urban wasteland, the sick person is permanently stuck in a self-fulfilling script of failure and dysfunction. Although perhaps this persona is also an expression of a striving for authenticity, and a last refuge from the unrealistic promises of the social media dream.


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