Couples #1

Sophia Süßmilch &
Valentin Wagner

September 2021

location tba soon


Sophia Süßmilch & Valentin Wagner

CCCCCOMA Couples is a series of exhibitions, each time presenting an artwork by two artists who are in a romantic relationship.


Sophia Süßmilch was born as a German citizen in the last millennium and dies in this. Valentin Wagner was born just in the last millennium, and that in beautiful Vienna. Süßmilch studied sculpture first in Munich and then painting in Vienna, where Wagner and Süßmilch met in 2017. Süßmilch works with multimedia; she paints oil paintings for reassurance and likes to be naked in her photo and video works. Her work oscillates between ironic distance and aggressive closeness, which also corresponds to her personality.

Wagner is currently studying painting with Thomas Zipp at the UdK in Berlin, before that painting and graphics with Pamela Rosenkranz at the AdbK in Munich. He works in the fields of painting, sound and performance; the works maneuver between kitsch and grotesque. Sophia Süßmilch is the recipient of the Bavarian Art Promotion Prize 2018 and the Munich Art Promotion Prize 2020, Wagner is not yet an award winner. The two live in Berlin, Vienna and Munich. They have been working together as SPATZI SPEZIAL since 2018.