Couples #2

Jens Pecho &
Arkadij Koscheew


25 June 2023
4–7 pm

[52.478636, 13.413918],
near Ballonhaus
Deutscher Wetterdienst,
Tempelhofer Feld,
12049 Berlin


Jens Pecho & Arkadij Koscheew

CCCCCOMA Couples is a recurring exhibition format in which a pair of lovers creates a collaborative work of art. The exhibition series focuses on questions of collaborative work, intimacy, and the private in public space. The medium of the work is open. The prerequisite for the collaboration is that the persons are art or culture professionals, although they do not necessarily have to be visual artists. The exhibition venue is personally connected to the couple and is determined by them. For the second edition of our series we have invited Jens Pecho and Arkadij Koscheew.

The multimedia works of Berlin-based artist Jens Pecho (*1978 in Frankfurt am Main) develop from a strong interest in language, by means of which he stages contextual shifts. In this way, he brings to light the subtexts of supposedly familiar concepts and everyday situations. Arkadij Koscheew (*1993 in Moscow) is a cultural scientist and curator who works, among others, for the n.b.k.. There he was most recently responsible for an exhibition with the net art pioneers YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES.


Pecho and Koscheew have chosen Tempelhofer Feld as the exhibition venue. Against the backdrop of the looming Berlin government coalition of SPD and CDU, a possible peripheral development of Tempelhofer Feld is also coming back into focus. Pecho and Koscheew take this as an opportunity to make a symbolic „Randbebauung“ (peripheral development of the field) – in the form of two birdhouses based on the architecture of the party headquarters of both parties. As amateur ornithologists and long-time residents of Neukölln, Pecho and Koscheew refer with the erection of the birdhouses to the questioning of the referendum on the preservation of the Tempelhofer Feld in 2014. In doing so, they also bring into focus the potential endangerment of valuable urban nature and open space for people, animals and plants.