Chapel Preview I

An Ouverture to What Remains

21 June 2020
Neuer St. Jacobi Friedhof
Hermannstraße 99-105
12051 Berlin



As an introduction to the space and surroundings of our upcoming exhibition “CCCCCOMA Chapel”, we have invited artists from the music collective Playtronica to present a performance dealing with the concept of Vanitas and Memento Mori. The aim of Playtronica is to use the possibilities of sound and interpersonal contact to redesign the synergy between the physical and digital world. For “An Ouverture to What Remains” they transform Vanitas objects like s skull or dead flowers into sounds – through simple human touch, the use of electrically conductive materials and intelligent textiles.


Playtronica is both a community and a startup. They are a collective of artists and engineers from different walks of life spread around the globe. They do everything from building devices to producing interactive events and installations – projects that may last for hours or years.

Their story started in the early 2013, when they held music workshops for children and performed at music and science festivals in Moscow. In 2016 they released the Playtron device – it allows you to play on any object that conducts electricity, as on a piano keyboard. In 2018 a second device, TouchMe, appeared, which allows to play music on skin.

Playtronica we have offices in Berlin, Paris and Moscow.